A Unique, in-person, peer-to-peer mastermind for Perth women in business.



The Honest Biz Club is a space for:

  • Sharing your wins, highs, lows, biggest challenges and process it all with other business owners that truly get it and want to help you find solutions.
  • Less of the modules, masterclasses and education (that none of us have time for) and more bite-sized, impactful convos that lead to quick implementation and epic results.
  • You to be your unfiltered self, quirks and all (i.e. unhealthy Jamie Fraser obsessions welcome and encouraged)
  • Find company and validation in the glorious, messy-middle of the businesses we are running.
  • Feeling inspired to make decisions from a place of truth and authenticity rather than ‘comparisonitis’ and highlight reels.
  • Getting off social media and connecting with others and in turn feeling grounded in your authentic self.

The Honest Biz Club is an offline, in-person container for authentic and meaningful connection with like minded women in business.  Fill your belly and your soul with real, relatable conversations over delicious food and a cuppa.

Bounce ideas, debrief about life and revel in the magic of this intimate heart-lead business networking.

This is one of the only Perth-based peer-to-peer masterminds available where you have the opportunity to learn, connect and grow your business through both an online and in-person experience.


The Honest Biz Club is about women in business coming together, feeling like they can be authentically themselves to talk about everything biz and life in a safe and supportive space. 

Because I know how hard it can be to find people to look to for advice and guidance in your biz journey.

When I started in business I didn’t have anyone I could turn to that truly understood my experience.  Sure, my relatives and friends had the best of intentions but weren’t always the greatest sounding boards. 

Often conversations with them would leave me doubting my decisions and making decisions that didn’t feel right for me.

And, well, the online world was great but I didn’t feel like it was always a space for me to be my true, authentic self.  There’s a lot of noise online and a lot of space for judgement from people you don’t even know.  It’s not always the best place for honest conversations and vulnerability.


This mastermind is for you if you’re a small business owner who:


Is feeling disconnected

And sick of mindlessly scrolling on social media.


Doesn't need more modules or masterclasses

You don’t want to sign up to yet another coaching program but you desire structure, accountability and inspiration to continue reaching your biz goals.


Craves authentic connections

You want more meaningful and genuine conversations and discussions with like minded peeps.


Loves working on their mindset

You love a juicy conversation and deep-dive into all things mindset and learning how to be your best self.


Wants to be their unfiltered self

Feel safe to come completely as you are, warts and all.


Is ready to be supported.

Lean in and feel supported, while encouraging and supporting other business owners to take action towards their goals.

The format of the Honest Brunch Club is a high-touch point, online and in-person peer-to-peer mastermind designed to encourage open and unfiltered discussions around all things life as a business owner.

Each member has an opportunity in the ‘hot seat’ to bring forward what’s on their heart and mind, each session.


What this mastermind includes:

  • 6 month, high-vibe peer to peer mastermind.
  • Monthly catered in person catch ups on tuesday mornings at a nor location starting week of february 14, 2023.
  • Fortnightly online check-ins.
  • 3 x in-person co-working days
  • Exclusive online community to keep conversations going.
  • Ongoing Voxer support for those spur-of-the-moment downloads and questions that arise.

I pinky promise there won’t be:

  • Bulk to-do lists, bootcamps or modules to complete.
  • Awkward small talk and cringey sales convos.
  • Judgment or criticism for being yourself.
  • Silver bullet solutions or ways to 10X your income.
  • Superficial smalltalk *yawn*

    What there will be:

    • Space to tap into your intuition and learn to trust yourself in business and life.
    • Meaningful, heart centered conversations with women who just ‘get it’.
    • Opportunities to learn new skills, tips and business strategy outside of traditional methods.
    • A touch of ‘woo’ with plenty of advice, stories and bucketloads of LOL’s.

    This is an opportunity not only to find your own personal gang of biz cheerleaders but to forge quality *chefs kiss* connections with women that walk beside you, women who just get it.

    Numbers will be capped to keep the group vibe relaxed and intimate. 


    Meeting and getting to know the other participants was my favourite part. I loved our fortnightly chats and the combination of online and in-person catchups.

    – CINDY –

    Getting to have real conversations in a warm supportive environment with other women in differing stages of their business is just an absolute joy! I often come away from large networking events exhausted after hours of surface level chats, but these events always leave me feeling whole. Thank you Jessie.

    – SHARON –

    Getting to know some gorgeous fellow mums in business, and having the opportunity to authentically connect with them.

    – ALANNAH –

    It’s rare to find these small networking events where you actually get to listen to what other biz owner’s are going through and then have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice about your own biz journey. Really valuable.

    – AMANDA –

    Thanks Jessie for bringing together a community of women coming together with love and support. Highly recommend…

    – ANNA –

    Jessie was very welcoming and genuinely interested in what we all had to say, there was no judgement and it was a safe space to discuss business and have a laugh at the same time. It was great hearing experiences from other women at different stages in their business journey.

    – SINEAD –


    Ready To Get Started?


    INVESTMENT // one off payment of $1029 AUD



    INVESTMENT // $172 AUD per month