Enjoy cup-filling connection that nourishes your mind, your body AND your business 

A one-of-a-kind, peer to peer mastermind for Perth women in business

Show up as yourself and share honest, unfiltered discussions (and plenty of laughs) in an intimate environment alongside women who just *get* biz life. 

NO small talk.

NO workbooks.

NO gurus.



I felt able to be myself and share openly in the group pretty much from day one!!

Everyone was so supportive of each other and had helpful feedback and ideas. I enjoyed the smaller group size, the unfiltered conversations and meeting with the same people each month. It really allowed for the relationships to deepen

– Sam, Samantha Dhu Coaching


Everywhere you look on social media there are people you’ve never even met telling you that you should be productive every second of your day, but…

Craving in-person conversations with other women in biz where you’ll never get lost in the crowd?

This could be just your cup of tea…

You’re already *juggling all the things* – it’s impossible to squeeze another drop from your empty cup!

Chances are you’re spending a LOT of time inside your own head questioning everything you do or don’t do:

👉🏻 Is this a normal part of the biz journey – or should I be panicking right now? 

👉🏻 How can I tell if this is a brilliant idea or a baaad one?

👉🏻 Am I the only one struggling with ALL the things ? Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a business owner…

👉🏻 That tiny step I just took was a HUGE win but is anyone else going to get that?

Going it alone is ex-hausting!

But so is scrolling socials seeking answers or validation from strangers who don’t know sh*t about you. Or your life. Or your business. (Thanks but no thanks @hustlemaniacs_10Xyourbizovernight)

Maybe what you need is some cup-filling connection IRL from women who understand the whole messy middle of biz.

Only one problem…

You’ve tried meeting people at masterminds and networking events before – you don’t love the speed dating vibes- plus…



you find big groups and hours of surface level chats exhausting


you're tired of sales pitches – what you’re craving is honest in-person connection


you long to feel accepted showing up as yourself (whether it's uggies or power heels - you're all welcome!)


you want a judgement-free place where you’re comfortable giving support and asking for it

Welllll, what if I told you that… If you’re a Perth woman with a business – that place is just a mouse click away!


Hello, I’m Jessie Parker

And I’m on a mission to build a community for women in business like you (and me) that prioritises honest, face-to-face conversations.

Because genuine connection builds greater self-confidence, self-belief and self-acceptance.

And in a world dominated by hustle culture and social media – we all need more of that!

When I started my first small business, I didn’t have anyone I could turn to who truly understood my experience.

Sure – family and friends had the best of intentions but NO experience in small business. 

So they weren’t always the greatest sounding boards. And well-meaning conversations often left me doubting my decisions. Or making decisions that didn’t feel right for me.

The noise and judgement from (mostly) strangers in the online world meant I rarely felt safe to be my true, authentic self. 

When I found a supportive in-person community – I finally felt like I had a place to celebrate wins and have honest, sometimes vulnerable, conversations.

Fast forward a few years…

My business and my life had changed – I was longing to be part of a smaller intimate small biz community.

I knew I was looking for a genuine small group experience where I could:


Have more honest in-person connection but with fewer people!


Intentionally carve out the time and space to connect IRL with other Perth women in business.


Embrace and enjoy the feel-good rush of endorphins that come from being present and enjoying honest, meaningful conversations about biz, life and the messy middle of it all.


A space to nurture me and my business where I could feel that I am enough without buying into the relentless grind of productivity, problem-solving, and multi figure growth (no modules, masterclasses or workbooks – because who completes them anyway?)

When I couldn’t find what I needed…

I decided to create it!



The Honest Biz Club Mastermind

Kicking off February 6, 2024

A community created for women in small business to have meaningful conversations, develop genuine connections and bring a little bit of fun into their work life.

What’s included?

☕️ 6 month supportive small group peer-to-peer mastermind

You don’t have to go it alone! Join our friendly gang of women in business with zero competitive or salesy vibes.  A low key and relaxed environment for you to feel comfortable to come as you are.

☕️ Monthly catered in person catch ups on Tuesdays

A welcoming space to have deeper conversations and build genuine, lasting connections. Free yourself from the grips of doom scrolling socials for a few hours. Nourish your body and mind with tasty snacks, your favourite brew and refreshingly open chats.

☕️ Casual cuppa catch-ups

Step out of your home office and stop by for a relaxed cuppa between our in-person meetups.  Top up your connection cup and let the good vibes flow through the rest of your working week.

☕️ 2 x in-person co-working days

Embrace the collective energy and get productive! These are also a fab opportunity to brainstorm new ideas, troubleshoot challenges and deepen connections with your fellow biz clubbers.

☕️ An intimate group dinner

For a little added flavour and festivity you’re invited to an exclusive HBC dinner midway(ish) through our time together! This is an opporunity to deepen connections in a different environment. Kick back, indulge in some good food and let the good times roll with the gang.

☕️ Online community (minus social media)

An online place to hangout, keep the conversations going and share content without relying on Facebook or Instagram.  Create more intention when connecting online without finding yourself stuck in a 30 minute FB scroll!

☕️ Small group numbers with max 12 peeps

Find the connections you’ve been longing for! Feel comfortable to share stories, ideas, support and plenty of LOL’s in an intimate, judgement-free environment.

If you prefer a more personal mastermind experience in a small group and intimate space where everyone has the chance to share, listen, support and be supported – you will love the Honest Biz Club.

I felt comfortable sharing honest converations about business and life. And I enjoyed the benefit of the group wisdom that was so generously offered.

– Liz, Liz Green Copywriting

The Honest Biz Club is a space for:

  • Sharing your wins, highs, lows and biggest challenges.  Process the lot with other business owners that truly get it and want to help you find solutions.

  • Enjoying more bite-sized, impactful convos that lead to quick implementation and epic results. No modules, workbooks or masterclasses to complete.

  • Letting go of guilt about needing to fill your cup, with in-person connection.

  • Being accepted as your unfiltered self (quirks and all!)

  • Finding company and validation in the glorious, messy-middle of the businesses we are running.

  • Feeling inspired to make decisions from a place of truth and authenticity rather than ‘comparisonitis’ and highlight reels.

  • Getting off social media and connecting with others and in turn feeling grounded in your authentic self.

I felt in my bones that this would be a good investment .... and I was right!

The Honest Biz Club is a warm welcoming brew of wisdom, deep conversation, laughs, support and insights. I loved that I could rock up in a cardi and jeans and not have to dress up and wear shoes that make me want to cry! And I have loved my time in HBC, having made some perfectly timed connections and friendships.

– Sharon,  Gloss Boss


Finally, a peer-to-peer mastermind that just hits different…

If you’re craving in-person conversations with other women in biz where you’ll never get lost in the crowd

This could be just your cup of tea…



One off payment of $1497 AUD




$252 AUD per month



The Honest Biz Club is a relaxed, high touch point, peer-to-peer mastermind. 

I created this unique experience to encourage open and unfiltered discussions about all things life as a business owner.

In every monthly meetup, as a member you have the choice to share whatever is on your mind – or in your heart.

Or simply enjoy the company and support of the other fabulous women in the room.

What I pinky-promise about your experience inside the Honest Biz Club

What there will be:

  • An intimate and welcoming environment
  • Meaningful conversations
  • Genuine, lasting connections and friendships
  • Opportunities to learn new information, tips and business strategy outside of traditional methods
  • Plenty of laughs and cup-filling vibes

What there won’t be:

  • Impersonal, ‘cookie-cutter‘ conversation templates
  • Awkward small-talk or cringey sales convos
  • Judgement or criticism for being yourself
  •  Silver bullet solutions or ways to 10X your income
  • Workbooks, modules or homework

How will you know the Honest Biz Club is your cup of tea?

If this sounds like you, you’ll love it here:


Are looking for a mastermind with small group size and cosy vibe


Want to feel welcome to come as you are (i.e. wearing uggies welcome and encouraged)


Want to spend less time online or doom-scrolling social media


Are craving more open chats minus the ego


Want to build your community featuring strong, lasting connections and friendships with other women on your wavelength


Love to have a laugh while you enjoy some yummy food and your fave brew with a group of fabulous people!

This experience may not be a vibe if you:


Wouldn’t be able to commit to regular in-person meetups


Prefer large scale ‘Instagrammable’ events


Are looking for structured conversations and tangible outcomes


Want to guarantee an increase in transactional, sales-focused partnerships


Would like specific sales strategies, programs or ways to 10X your income


Prefer an online archive of modules or workbooks to complete


In the HBC you’ll enjoy


6-month supportive, small group peer-to-peer mastermind


Monthly, catered in-person meetups on Tuesdays at NOR location commencing February 6, 2024


Casual cuppa catch-ups


2 x Co-working days 


Private group dinner


Private (meta-free) online community


Numbers capped at 12 people



One off payment of $1497 AUD




$252 AUD per month


I hoped to connect with other women in business in real life. And that's exactly what happened ...

In fact – if you’ve attended one of Jessie’s brunches, the Honest Biz Club is like a fab ongoing extension of those, forming connections with a group of women along the way. I really enjoyed the ease and comfort of this great group. And the conversational nature of the catch ups where we bounced ideas off one another, celebrated each others wins and supported each other through more difficult business times.

– Lisa,  The Inspired Eco Warrior