Honest Biz Brunch


Are you keen to skip the small talk and lean into building a supportive business community for women just like you?

Fill your belly and your soul and join me at the next Honest Biz Brunch event.

Event includes:

  • Your choice of brunch from one of the amazing host cafes. (V, GF available)
  • Drink (barista coffee, tea, mimosa or juice).
  • Meaningful conversation and good times!

Not your average networking event, this brunch is an opportunity to meet with local women just like you, women who ‘get it‘.

Bring business questions, ideas to bounce or strategy to suss out or simply come to nourish your soul with wholesome, honest conversations about biz and life.

Surround yourself with people who will support you on your road to success.

*No pressure to share if you don’t want to! You are welcome to sit back and enjoy the discussion.

Individually we are one drop.  Together, we are an ocean.

Are you a Perth woman looking for likeminded business owners that just get it?

Join us for an Honest Biz Brunch - an opportunity to have genuine, honest conversations about what it's really like to be juggling a business in 2022.

I truly believe we are here to connect with others and the Honest Biz Brunch was borne from a desire for more honest and authentic connections, meaningful conversations and pull us off out of the social media vortex we find ourselves trapped in these days.

These networking events are for you if you're Perth-based and:

  • You have a business idea that you want to get off the ground.
  • You have an established business and are looking to connect with likeminded women.
  • You are in need of some inspiration, advice or motivation in your business.
  • You are searching for more meaningful conversations with other women in biz.
  • You want to spend less time scrolling on socials and more time building genuine face-to-face connections.
  • You want to workshop an idea, learn more about different business topics and level up your mindset.

The small group environment (max 8 people) means it's perfect to come along solo or bring a friend for some moral support.  This isn't your typical networking event - you're guaranteed to avoid awkward small talk and leave with plenty of inspiration, a belly full of food and a heart full of good vibes.

Get to know me - read more about my business journey.

Additional information

Event date

Monday September 5 – Little Bay, Thursday September 22 – Little Way


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