small business community architect

Hi I’m Jessie Parker…

a mum of three (or 4 if you include a very spoilt doggo), FIFO wife and small business owner. 

I’m also a passionate community architect (thanks Radha Agrawal) – I know that sounds a bit fancy but it simply means… 

I’m trying to embody the change I want to see in the world by creating opportunities for human connection. For me that’s been spending less time on socials, more time being present and doing the things that fill my human connection cup.

I’m on a mission to create networking events that help Perth women in business…

tap into the power of connection and community

feel good about intentionally carving out time to spend with other supportive women in business in an intimate environment

meet up in person to solve problems, shift energy, and validate their struggles or life experiences

share wisdom and a few LOLs over a hot drink and a bite to eat

So you can start being more open and honest about what it really looks like to juggle life and business. To feel at ease with the imperfection of it all. And trust that you are enough.


Speaking of imperfection…


Juggling FIFO life, parenting and life admin while trying to figure out ALL THE THINGS needed to establish and grow a successful clothing brand (while still working as a nurse) was messy to say the least.

In the early stages of business I stumbled upon a local networking group for women.  I loved hearing the stories of the other people, their highs, lows and everything in between. It was liberating to speak so openly about the messy parts of running a business. I would walk away with new insights, advice and inspiration after every meet up.  And not only this – I truly felt like I’d found my people. 

Being in a supportive group environment helped me call time on my clothing line after I realised it wasn’t what I wanted anymore.  

Then, when I put my new services out into the world, many of the women from my networking group were my first customers!  

Soon I was fully booked and earning the same as my nursing income. I discovered the true power of authentic networking and word of mouth marketing.

Fast forward a few years – my life and my business had changed…

I’d stepped away from my ED nursing job and had another baby. FIFO parenting with 3 kids required a whole new level of time management.

The flexibility of working for myself really helped. But I missed my workplace community. And that sense of isolation was back. When I could get to networking events, I found they often attracted large numbers and focused heavily on getting social media content.

I wasn’t looking for superficial small talk in loud selfie-obsessed crowds… I was longing to be part of a smaller biz community with more honest *no bullshit* meaningful conversations.

What I needed was a networking event that satisfied my craving for genuine in-person connection. Where the welcoming vibe helped women feel comfortable to share in an authentic and unfiltered way.

And when I couldn’t find it… I created it.

Then I waited to see if anyone else would come along!

The first event sold out immediately and the feedback was amazing. So I started running monthly Honest Biz Brunches. The positive response reinforced my belief in the power of authentic connection.  I also discovered I had a gift for attracting women who shine in a small group networking environment. 

After 18 months of selling out every single Honest Biz Brunch – I created a 6-month peer-to-peer mastermind for women who wanted more regular face-to-face connection opportunities.

Inside the Honest Biz Club, you can experience all the magic of the HB Brunches but more often and with the same group of women.

So if you want to form deeper in-person connections, give and receive ongoing support and, of course, share in honest open conversations together – you’ll fit right in at the HBC!

I’m delighted to say that through the HB events, I’ve found a home for myself facilitating conversations. And holding space for women to feel comfortable being honest, and, at times, vulnerable enough to show their true selves. And celebrate their sense of *enoughness*. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy…


Join me for an Honest Biz Event…

Honest Biz Brunch

Looking for an occasional shot of connection and community?

Fill your belly and your soul at an Honest Biz Brunch event. 

Enjoy refreshingly unfiltered conversations about the messy middle of life and business over a cuppa and delicious meal. 

Share stories, bounce ideas and build genuine connections with a supportive community of women just like you.

Honest Biz Club Mastermind

Ready for a welcoming brew of regular connection with familiar faces?

Carve intentional time out from the busy-ness of business with this unique, perth-based in-person container.

A nurturing environment to build deeper, more authentic connections with other local business owners.

Because genuine connection builds greater self-belief, self-acceptance and self confidence.