Hi, I’m Jessie and I’m a content addict…

(Hiiiii, Jessie)

When I first ventured into small biz life, I had no idea what content creation even was and I certainly didn’t know that content coaching could be a ‘thing’.  I didn’t come from a corporate background and certainly didn’t have previous business experience so I strapped on my training wheels on and took a crash course in all things biz development and marketing.

I learned how to do everything from scratch (and I mean everything) and in the process of figuring out all. the. things.  I totally fell in love with content creation which lead me to share my skills with other mums in business through my content coaching and done-for-you content creation.

And with a husband that works fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) and 3 kids, I totally get the endless pursuit of trying to keep up with marketing your small business while trying to raise small humans.

I get a buzz from the strategy behind content that sells and have incorporated my love of writing, illustration and design to produce some epic content (even if I do say so myself).


The Journey to content queendom

I know what it feels like to lose yourself in Motherhood.  Your life suddenly becomes all about these little people, with what feels like little time left for anything else… Especially when you’re parenting alone half the time (or more!)

When I began my first business, a maternity wear label – I had no idea of the trajectory small business would take me.  I just wanted to create some cool maternity clothing.  I had no idea that I would fall in love with business development, that I would meet some of my best friends and create a support network that I can count on to this day.

Coming from a nursing background, I had none of the text-book business skills you need for a startup biz.  But I did have the curiosity and dedication to figure it out along the way.

Starting a small business gave me me the opportunity to learn and master so many skills – building websites from scratch (yep, including this one you’re on right now!), search-engine optimisation (SEO), blogging, social media strategy and more…

There were some hard (and expensive) lessons in those first years of business but there were also some really amazing times, too.

I fell in love with creating content for my business, so much so that I said farewell to the clothing label an pivoted over into illustration and design work.  Throughout my business journey I also cut my chops in the blogging world, enjoying the creative outlet that writing provides. 

Together with my website and SEO skills, I honed my  blogging technique and was seeing some of my blogs end up in the first few search engine results for multiple keywords.

My first dip in the small business pool was after having our first baby and as my business grew, so did our family! We now have 3 amazing kiddies and my husband, Kane continues to work away.  Life is beautifully busy and messy – and I can confidently say that I totally get how crazy the juggle of motherhood and small business can be.

This is what inspires me to help other mamas in business – I know how valuable content can be in building brand awareness and making sales for your business but I also know just how time consuming it can be to continually make great content for your small business.

Through my roadmap for content repurposing, I help you cut through the noise, get you more clients while saving you a forkload of time!


Content coaching session feedback

” I felt my analysis paralysis was broken in my session with Jessie.  The huge unknown and feeling of overwhelm of what had to be done and where to start was broken down into achievable steps and I finally felt excited to start! “




Look, I know you have better things to do than go ’round and ’round in circles with your content plan. I’m here to help you create ultra-shareable content that serves your customers and makes effortless sales for your biz.  Let’s do this!


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