Hi, I’m Jessie – Mum of 3, business owner, FIFO wife

Living in sunny Perth, Western Australia.

Through my DIY tips,  1:1 mentoring sessions and accountability groups, I help small business owners un-complicate the juggle of being a mum and running a business.  I show you how to grow your businesses alongside raising babies (without the overwhelm).

Married to Kane a commercial diver and skipper, we have over a decade of experience in living the FIFO life, both before and after kids.  I understand the unique challenges that come with your partner working away but I also believe we have some incredible opportunities in our position, too.


The journey to thriving in small business + FIFO life

I know what it feels like to lose yourself in Motherhood.  Your life suddenly becomes all about these little people, with what feels like little time left for anything else… Especially when you’re parenting alone half the time (or more!)

When I began my first business, a maternity wear label – I had no idea of the trajectory small business would take me.  I just wanted to create some cool maternity clothing.  I had no idea that I would fall in love with business development, that I would meet some of my best friends and create a support network that I can count on to this day.

Coming from a nursing background, I had none of the text-book business skills you need for a startup biz.  But I did have the curiosity and dedication to figure it out along the way.  

Small biz has seen me learn and master so many skills – building websites from scratch (yep, including this one you’re on right now!), search-engine optimisation, managing cashflow and expenditure, content creation, social media strategy and more… I learnt some hard (and expensive!) lessons in that first year of business, that’s for sure.

The biggest lesson though? Learning that success whilst juggling FIFO, mum-life and business -it all begins with your mindset.

I had created so many stories around who I was & what I could achieve and always allowed our FIFO lifestyle combined with motherhood to be reasons I couldn’t chase my own dreams.

it was when I stopped buying into my own bullshit stories, that the real magic started to happen.  My outlook changed, I felt more positive and started to find joy in the simplest of moments.  This flowed into my business and I started to see results – becoming fully booked after launching into custom illustrations and designs.

I still felt called to share my experiences and use this as a platform to bring women together.  My vision of creating a community, sharing our experiences of FIFO, business and motherhood was strengthened as we added to our family with baby number three in early 2021.

I truly believe you can do business in your own way, without subscribing the shoulds and needs we so often hear about when creating the lifestyle of our dreams.  FIFO doesn’t have to be your downfall and I’m proof that it won’t hold you back.   Being a FIFO wife is my superpower, I never would have stretched and seen what I am capable of and just how resilient I am.

I’m so glad you’re here.  Jump aboard, I can’t wait to bring you along for the ride.



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