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How many people attend each Honest Biz Brunch?

To facilitate a comfortable environment for sharing and intimate vibe, Honest Biz Brunch events are capped at 8 women per event.


Do I need an established business to come to a brunch?

Nope! You are welcome to come along to a biz brunch to bounce ideas, connect with like minded women and share in the collective wisdom and stories.


I'm scared to come to a networking event alone, help!

I totally get it, it’s always a bit scary rocking up somewhere new by yourself.  The best part about the Honest Biz Brunch events is that they are intentionally small groups with a round-table format.  This means a welcoming, inclusive environment so you will feel comfy from the get-go!


Do you still do custom content/illustrations?

In short, yes!  I have a select number of content clients and will take on occasional illustration projects and custom GIFs.  For all enquiries please send me an email.


can you look at this rash for me?

Sure, why not?