UN-complicating life for Mums in business.

Community, strategy & support for women navigating the juggle of Motherhood, FIFO life and small business.



Support for mums in business + FIFO partners


Free FB Group

Connect with other FIFO mums in business.

Share experiences, stories and advice for managing all the things in life as a FIFO mum in biz.



1:1 Coaching

If you are searching for clarity & direction in which steps to take in your biz then book a personalised mentoring session to recalibrate and create a strategy tailored to your business and your life.



Workshops + Events

Gatherings for women to share the experience of juggling mum-life and business. 

Opportunities to connect with likeminded women, learn new skills and take inspired action in your business.




Hi, I’m Jessie – Mum of 3, FIFO wife of over 10 years and business owner.

Through my coaching sessions, workshops and events –  I help mums (including FIFO mummas!) who are juggling all the things, find clarity and grow their businesses alongside raising babies (without the overwhelm).

My husband, Kane is a commercial diver and skipper – you’ll often find him working long swings off-shore.

I totally understand the unique challenges that come with motherhood, running a business and having your partner work away.   I also believe we have some incredible opportunities in our position, too – sometimes we just need the right lens to see them.

If you’re searching to become unstuck in the way you feel you do business and life, you’re in the right place.  I’d love to have a chat with you.


What other clients say…

Fun, smart and super passionate about helping other mums in business connect and help each other succeed…

You genuinely want to help other small businesses and guide them on their journey by sharing real, honest truths that help other mums by knowing they aren’t alone on their journey…”

– Bree, Knot Just Cords

Jessie has a real gift for understanding people, their problems and what they can do to troubleshoot them and she does it in such a REAL, easy to understand way. Her advice is empowering because she lays it out so simply. I feel like everyone would benefit from speaking to her. She feels like someone to hold your hand and guide you through all the ups and downs, not only in business but in life

– Emily, The Purist Collection

“Jessie has a way of giving you permission to be unapologetically you. She is the first person I turn to when I have self doubt and she is always there whenever I need a kick up the bum to get on with a project or idea.

She listens wholeheartedly and even when we don’t have the same perspective she always presents hers with respect for my point of view…She has the ability to take any situation and find the good in it, her cup is always half full.

I am pretty stoked to have her in my circle, she has been such a positive influence in my life.”

– Tara, Black Lash MUA



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