Community & connection for women in business

Balancing business and life – together.

In-person and online community for women to share wisdom, make genuine connections and feel supported in the messy middle of small business and life.


Honest Biz Events

Cup-filling in person events and online community for building genuine, lasting connections with other women on your wavelength.

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Tools, tips and unfiltered stories to inspire and support entrepreneurial women to take imperfect action towards their business goals.


Resources, insights and strategies from 12+ years as a FIFO partner. Learn how to survive and thrive in the fly-in fly-out lifestyle.


Methods and mayhem of managing a neurodivergent household and raising a family alongside running a business.

Meet community architect Jessie Parker

As a serial entrepreneur, I understand the passion and purpose that comes with running your own business.  And with 3 young children, a FIFO husband (and a serial runaway dog) I totally get how chaotic the juggle of business and life looks sometimes!

We can find ourselves so caught up in the busy-ness of business that we’re trying to satisfy our innate human need for connection with mindless social media engagement.

I’m on a mission to stop the move away from honest and genuine human connection.

To stop women in business from missing out on the power of community to solve problems, shift energy, share wisdom, validate their struggles and experiences..

So they can start being more open and honest about what it really looks like to juggle life and business. To feel at ease with the imperfection of it all. And trust that they are enough.

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Cup-filling networking events

Honest Biz Brunch

Relaxed, small-group networking events for Perth women


Biz Club Mastermind

Feel inspired, supported and form lasting connections


Community feedback

Warm, welcoming and safe environment while also keeping it fun. 

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her Honest Biz Lunches to anyone looking for a fun and fresh way to network and connect in authentic ways over the beauty and challenges of biz. I’ll definitely be back for more.

– Kirryn

A cosy group of fabulous women sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and laughs over an amazing lunch and coffee.

I came away with a happy heart, feeling inspired, uplifted and excited having connected with like minded, interesting, self empowered business women. Looking forward to the next time we meet

– Angela

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