small business events you’ll never want to leave ♡

Supportive, small-group networking for Perth women in business

Nourish your body, mind and business with a hot drink, a bite to eat and a welcoming brew of group wisdom, deep conversation, laughs, support and insights.


Meet your community architect Jessie Parker

As a serial entrepreneur, I understand the passion and purpose that comes with running your own business.  And with 3 young children, a FIFO husband (and a serial runaway dog), I totally get how chaotic the juggle of business and life looks sometimes!

We can find ourselves so caught up in the busy-ness of business that we’re trying to satisfy our innate human need for connection with mindless social media engagement.

I’m on a mission to stop the move away from honest and genuine human connection.

To stop women in business from missing out on the power of community to solve problems, shift energy, share wisdom, validate their struggles and experiences..

So they can start being more open and honest about what it really looks like to juggle life and business. To feel at ease with the imperfection of it all. And trust that they are enough.


 Networking Events & Mastermind

a community to solve problems, shift energy and share wisdom 


Relaxed Networking Brunch Events

Nourish your body, your brain and your business at an Honest Biz Brunch event. Enjoy honest cup-filling conversations about the messy middle of life and business over a hot cuppa and bite to eat – in an intimate small group setting.

Share stories, bounce ideas and build genuine connections around the table with supportive women juggling life and business – just like you.


Peer-to-Peer Mastermind

Carve intentional time out from the busy-ness of business with this unique in-person mastermind for Perth women in business.

The Honest Biz Club is ideal if you’re craving regular in-person connection in an intimate, small group environment that is relaxed, honest and nurturing.

Warm, friendly vibes and belly laughs guaranteed!

“… the first in person event I actually look forward to going to!”


Leave with your cup feeling full to the brim…

Honest Biz Events were created for women like you – and me – who want to stop scrolling, skip the superficial small talk and share deeper conversations and connections. 


I walk away feeling genuine connections were made and like I could have stayed for hours…

I absolutely love the Honest Biz Brunches that Jessie has created. These brunches attract incredible, like minded small biz women and the conversations are always engaging, with the perfect amount of rawness and laughter.

– Angela

As an introvert it’s the first in person event I actually look forward to going to!

I just wanted to say how much your Honest Biz Brunches have meant to me. The first one I went to I nearly didn’t walk in… I honestly nearly walked back to my car.  As soon as I walked into the room … I just felt accepted. You are so good at helping everyone feel welcome and heard and amazing at connecting us all.

Since coming to your brunches I have made so many wonderful connections with truly beautiful humans and business owners.

– Eliza

I often come away from large networking events exhausted after hours of surface level chats, but these events always leave me feeling whole.

Absolutely love Jessie’s Honest Biz Brunch. Getting to have real conversations in a warm supportive environment with other women in differing stages of their business is just an absolute joy!  Thank you Jessie xx

– Sharon

Honest Biz Brunch

Relaxed, small-group networking events for Perth women


Biz Club Mastermind

Feel inspired, supported and form lasting connections


I walked away feeling more confident and excited about my business journey and what is to come.

I loved being part of this event. It was my second time attending… Thanks Jessie for bringing together a community of women coming together with love and support. Highly recommend.

– Anna

I felt instantly comfortable walking into the Honest Biz Brunch

Jessie is so friendly, down to earth and so approachable. Being amongst like-minded business women felt so supportive and I gained such value from sharing and listening to where the other women were at. I’ll definitely be returning!!!

– Emma

Sometimes I’m on socials…


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