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Honest Biz Community

An online community for women to create more offline impact in life and business.

Join our (Meta-free) platform to share stories, insights, feel inspired and take a break from constant social media scrolling.

An online community for women who crave more...

More genuine conversations

More space for creativity and play

More of the good stuff that real life has to offer

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Not your ‘average’ online community

You’re busy creating a life by design, so you can make more time to do the things you love, with the people you love.

You’re paving the way for a future full of possibilities and freedom. But as much as business lights you up, life as a solopreneur can get kinda lonely..

And maybe you’ve joined other online networking groups and most seem to follow a ‘cookie cutter’ format –  lacking authenticity.

The Honest Biz Communitv was born from the sell-out Honest Biz Brunch and Lunch Events. Here you’ll find a source of connection that fosters unfiltered, honest, nourishing conversations – without a cookie cutter convo in sight!

Hustle-free - it's the way to be!


The Honest Biz Community is an online platform to share stories and insights, talk about the things that
inspire you and ask the questions playing on repeat in your mind without judgment.

There’s ZERO modules, masterclasses or hacks to ‘10X your income’. Guaranteed.

Opt-out of hustle culture and begin to embrace and actually enjoy your entrepreneurial experience!

Say ‘see ya’ to the constant socials scrolling sessions

This online platform is a Zuckerberg-free zone, baby! Meaning you can be more intentional with how you connect online and avoid the distractions that lead to the doom-scrolling vortex.

Meet your Honest Biz Community Founder…

Hi. I’m Jessie – a mum of three. FIFO wife and community

I truly believe that the riches in business don’t lie in profit margins but in the connections we make along the way.

Since hopping on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster in 2016,  it’s been full of highs and lows. The one constant that I wasn’t expecting though, is the fulfilment, inspiration and motivation I always find through the feeling of presence enjoying conversations and company with kindred spirits.

And I definitely don’t believe we’re here to spend hours glued to our phones every day!

I’m passionate about creating spaces where women can feel comfortable to be themselves, less time stuck with comparisonitis and more time immersed in the things they love, with the people they love.



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A whole lotta value for less than $2.50 per week!

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Access to the exclusive, Meta-free online group

Space to continue conversations and deepen connections made at Honest Biz Events

First dibs on Honest Biz Events and special offers

Dedicated threads to inspire creativity and joy in real life, including:

  • Biz questions/ideas/strategies
  •  What we’re reading/listening to/loving right now
  • The creative proiects and thins we’re doing purely for FUN
  • Events we’re excited about
  • …and more!

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