Updated: June 2024

Blogging can be an impactful and versatile outlet for mums in business, particularly in Australia, where there are still so many untapped opportunities and potential topics for small business owners to seize on the interwebs!

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum, a new parent, or a seasoned entrepreneur, finding the right blog topics can significantly impact your blog’s success and engagement. This blog will explore the best blogging ideas tailored specifically for mums in business, offering inspiration, practical advice, and creative ways to connect with your target audience.

Blogging can boost small business impact and revenue by:

  1. Helping educate and inform your audience and demonstrating expertise in your field.
  2. Streamlining content creation through repurposing (saving you precious marketing hours!)
  3. Driving traffic to your website – upping the possibility of new leads and customers.
  4. Generating revenue through ads and affiliate marketing.

If you’re a small business owner – you may already realise the value of blogging for your business but maybe you’re in need of a lil’ inspiration and some new ideas for blog topics to get the creative juices flowing. 

If that sounds like you – you’re in the right place. Read on. I got you.

Why Riches are in niches with blog content

The saying: ‘riches are in niches’ (in your best American accent – doesn’t work with the Aussie slant) is cliche because it’s true.

Having a main focus with your topics means you’ll become synonymous with a particular niche or field of expertise.

This is beneficial for small business owners and blogger entrepreneurs alike, because not only do you become a real life authority in your niche – Google sees you as one too and you are likely to see a boost in traffic over time as a result.


Do your research

Whether you are blogging to support your small business or as a income stream alone, the first step before creating any blog content is to do some research and ensure you’re creating the most valuable content for your target audience.

There are different ways you can research the various topics to write about in your blog articles. From word of mouth, to more specific SEO techniques, it’s all about making sure you’re creating content that is going to be of value to the people you want to reach.

1. Poll your audience

Reach out to your network, either in person or through social media and ask them the sorts of content they currently do read or would be interested in reading more of.

2. Use Google to research blog topics

A simple Google search will show you suggested search terms, this gives you an idea of the various long-tail keywords related to your core topic that people might be searching for. You can also step up your keyword research using a Chrome extension like Keywords Everywhere. This handy program gives you insights into search volume, associated keywords and the free version will even generate hashtags for your Instagram!

3. Use trend data

There are platforms that exist to identify and display trending data both locally and worldwide. Google Trends allows you to search specific topics and for levels of interest, as well as browse current trending data across regions. Pinterest Trends is specific to the Pinterest platform and gives juicy insights into what is most popular on the Pinterest app – where many users go to search for both web based content and inspiration. Another such example is Answer The Public and there are specific blogging tools and programs that can also provide this data too usually with  extra cost involved.

4. Paid blogging tools and programs

If you want to get really serious about your blogging strategy, you can look into paid programs like SEM Rush and Rank IQ. They both have features to help you craft specific content based on your blogging niche.

The recommendation no one asked for: although it can be good to include low-competition keywords strategies for your blog, I would advise against only creating content to drive clicks.

Instead, ensure you’re writing a good mix articles relevant to your target audiences interests and needs. Then optimising to best position your article to be seen if needed.

Streamline your small business content creation strategy

Us busy mums need content creation strategies that are efficient and impactful.

Blogs are primary content (a.k.a long form content) that goes the extra mile because they can be turned into a whole bank of new content to repurpose for other marketing channels.

It also means you can plan your content marketing well ahead of time. For example – you could aim to write a new blog every month, with subsequent content based around the theme of your blog.

 For example you can repurpose one blog article into:

  • An array of social media posts
  • Multiple emails
  • Oodles of Pinterest pins

… just to name a few!


5 Blog post ideas for mums in business to educate, inform and inspire your target audience

These are some of my fave new blog ideas to inspire you and the creative juices flowing.  Even though this is targeted at mums in business, anyone can draw inspiration from these suggestions.

1. Tell A Story

Everyone loves a story and real life anecdotes make for an interesting topic that will appeal to your audience.

The beauty of sharing your personal experiences is that you will have a wide range of topics at your disposal and because it’s from your own point of view, there’s no ‘right‘ or ‘wrong‘ with how you write about it.

Story ideas for blog articles:

  • What lead you to start your own business (a.k.a your ‘why’)?
  • The biggest mistake you’ve made in business
  • Highlights from your week/month/year

And before you argue that there’s ‘nothing interesting’ about me… INCORRECT!  

You have so many wonderful stories and great ideas to share. It’s all about the unique point of view and spin you put on them. This is where polling your audience helps to reveal what stories they may find interesting.


2. Share The BTS of your business

  • Why/how did you come up with the name for your business?
  • What lead you to choose your niche/product?
  • Share your humble beginnings.  Especially if you are now a more established business.
    • For example: A trip down memory lane to share your first logo, your first product prototypes, throwback to your original office space or first customers.
  • Behind the scenes. People love seeing a sneaky behind the scenes of daily life as a business owner.  This could be your production journey, client meetings (with permission – a la Gary Vee) or what is involved in your typical day.
  • Non-business – share the above for your ‘day job’.  Share bits and pieces of mum life.  I once did a ‘day in the life of me’ which was me filming snippets of a regular, boring day at home and included pretty mundane jobs like laundry, cooking and errands – I had SO much interaction from such a seemingly innocuous day.

3. Educate Your Target Audience.

  • Product based business: Give sneak-peeks or product shoot behind-the-scenes images.
  • Service Based business:  Provide value to your reader with educational content, information or freebies they can use in their own businesses.
  • Non-business: Share your favourite recipes, exercise routine, life hacks or your capsule wardrobe tips that you love.

Again, ask your audience what they want to know more about. You may be surprised what they are interested in!

4. Share tools or programs you love using in your business

Tips, tricks and education are fabulous blog content ideas.  This is your chance to share your industry-specific knowledge and practical advice to help other mums in business.

The benefit of sharing the must-haves in your business toolkit is that many brands offer affiliate links.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a custom hyperlink to share with your audience that tracks click-throughs and earns you a commission if your reader makes a purchase through your unique link.

A lot of big (and even small) brands have affiliate programs – if there’s a brand you love and recommend on repeat, it’s worth enquiring about whether they offer affiliate marketing. Even though some brands don’t advertise, they may still offer affiliate commissions but if you don’t ask, you won’t know!

5. Visual Blog

If you’re still feeling like you have nothing inspiring to write about then here are some suggestions for repurposing content in the form of a blog.


  • Share pretty pictures (crediting the source if they don’t belong to you!) like They All Hate Us used to do. Choose photos or images that inspire and motivate you or your target market.
  • A blog full of inspiring words/typographic quotes – you can create these yourself for FREE on something like Canva – similar to what I’ve done on this blog (which gets so many saves and click-throughs on Pinterest).
  • Shoutout or profile your fave other local businesses. This is beneficial for many reasons – it’s great for networking and brand awareness and just helping other businesses out in general! Like where you head for your:
      • Coffee fix
      • Hairdresser
      • Cafes
      • Kids activities
  • A ‘this goes with that’ blog –  especially good for product based businesses. This is where you match your own products with other complimentary products (also great for sharing other local businesses).   You could even take it one step further and create a collaboration with another brand, style some photos – pull together a beautiful visual blog and host a giveaway to get maximum traction!
  • Non-business – share photo diaries of your day.  You don’t need to be a professional photographer to pull this together – especially with Photoshop presets, filters and the like.  You can make any photo look of a professional and ‘bloggable’ standard.

read more: my content repurposing process

 9 tips for simple and successful content repurposing that will save you bucketloads of time in your small business marketing.

topic ideas for lifestyle bloggers

If you’re looking to build and monetise a blog page (or maybe you already do!) I’ve put together different niche topics and content ideas to inspire your own content planning.

Weekend family life

I’m always looking for things to do with the kids, especially being a FIFO family – the weekends when my husband is away can be hard without having something locked in.  

Your blog could collate the different local places that are perfect for adventuring on a weekend with kids in tow.

There’s potential to expand more by breaking it down into different categories like outdoor activities, indoor activities, beach activities, seasonal activities, craft etc.


  • Best family viewing shows for young children
  • Dog-friendly hiking in <insert region>
  • Affordable weekend activity ideas for the whole family

Food & recipes

Food blogging is one of those niches that lifestyle bloggers have been monetising for a loooong time already. But don’t let that put you off!

The thing that’s fabulous about food – is that there is not limit to the amount of recipes in existence!  This is where your blog research will pay off to help your content be discovered amongst the big food and recipe blogs out there.


  • Focus vegetable group – e.g. pumpkin-only recipes
  • Australian cuisine
  • 3/4/5 ingredient meal ideas

Craft activities

Sigh, crafts for kids – it’s a love/hate relationship, amiright?

Parents are always looking for creative ways to entertain the kids that don’t involve screens. This niche has even more potential because it also appeals to childhood educators – so you are maximising potential eyes on your content. Colouring page blogs are incredibly popular and fall into this category too.


  • Sustainable craft – focusing on recycling/repurposing and low waste ideas
  • Low mess craft ideas for children

Gifting ideas

If you do a little bit of keyword research you’ll see that search queries relating to gift ideas are one of the biggest volumes of search traffic, and for a range of demographics. 

This niche has so many different directions you can take it, as well as the ability to update each year to continue capturing new search traffic.


  • Best gifts for different age groups
  • Last minute gift ideas
  • Guide to bereavement gifting

Life organisation/daily routine

Do you have a knack for keeping on top of the logistics of family life? This would be a particularly good niche for single parents, FIFO families and military families who don’t always have someone to help them with the daily routine with kids.


  • Morning/night routine for <insert number of kids here>
  • Simple family meal planning
  • Chore charts & roster ideas for families

Home organisation and cleaning

My instagram algorithm is tuned into cleaning videos and I can’t get enough!

Home organisation and cleaning speaks to something that is a constant struggle for most families, especially with multiple children. Not to mention how often parents are searching things like ‘how to get slime out of fabric sofa’  (guilty). 


  • Maintaining a household as a solo parent
  • Household deep cleaning tips & tricks (+ calendars)
  • Sustainable pantry storage/home organisation
  • Cleaning product reviews and comparisons

Family road trips

Local road trip destinations for the whole family. This topic also lends itself to ideas for travel to keep kids occupied and tips/tricks to make the most of your destination.

Also, your blog can be the perfect excuse to research new ideas and go on adventures to new places as a family!


  • Day trips from <your city>
  • <your city> to <destination town/city> road trip in X days

Budgeting and saving

Frugal living is front-of-mind at the moment with rising cost of living and interest rates. So many people are looking for ways to cut costs and save money, especially when raising a family. This could also include ideas for kids to save money and teaching good financial literacy from the beginning.


  • Kids savings chart ideas and templates
  • <your location> wedding ideas on a budget
  • 10 ways to entertain your kids for free in <your location>


The fitness blogging industry is heavily saturated but as with any new content, if you’re putting your own unique spin on things will be advantageous in helping your content stand out.

Due to sheer volume of fitness content already out there – you definitely want to do your research in order to create content that maximises potential audience reach.


  • 7 day home workout plan
  • Upper body exercises for new mums

DIY projects

Fancy an upcycling project or 15? Document your projects and methods to make interesting and inspiring blog content. Don’t forget to take progress photos and videos as this sort of visual content is perfect for repurposing to your instagram account or TikTok.


  • Ikea hacks
  • Make your own wall art projects
  • Upcycled pallet furniture ideas


Home Decor & Styling

From bougie to budget-friendly, home decor is a versatile blogging niche popular with mum bloggers.

Because when you’re spending a lot of time at home with kids, you can help but feel inspired to make it somewhere you love being. 


  • DIY home decor tutorials and solutions
  • Where to find current trending items
  • Wall art to suit a range of budgets


If you are a flipper of furniture, rooms or whole houses – have you considered turning your projects into blog articles?

This is an area that can perform well with affiliate links to products used through places like Amazon. Tip: Watermark your images to protect your IP.


  • Low budget bathroom makeovers
  • Before and after kitchen renovations
  • Renovate with paint – how to use paint to breathe new life into furniture

Fashion & Style

The beauty of fashion and style blogging is that you can share your specific, unique style in your own blog or use your platform to speak to trends and more generic themes seen in the fashion space.

Fashion is highly visual and so you want to make sure you know how to best optimise your images (and ensure you credit work that isn’t your own) so your site isn’t slowed down by chunky files. 


  • Seasonal trend guide with affordable options
  • What I wear in a week
  • Monochrome style blog


If you identify as a green thumb, the gardening niche could be just the thing for you!

Gardening is a broad and varied niche that has a lot of potential in terms of subject ideas. Indoor plants are still having a moment as well and feature heavily in the bulk of search queries related to plant care.


  • Apartment/indoor gardening and plants
  • Best indoor plants for <XYZ>
  • Pool care and landscaping
  • Water wise gardens


From date night ideas to gift ideas, the relationship space is littered with oodles of content topics to explore. From the superficial to the deeper, more complex relationship insights, 


  • Long distance relationship stories
  • Dating as a parent
  • Date night/connection activities

Professional services & knowledge

This is where you can shine through sharing your personal experiences, expertise and knowledge from your career background.

This can be tricky if you’re in the health field – or anything else that search engines prefer to see evidence-based article content. 

What you blog about will be highly industry-specific in terms of what makes good blog content but here’s some ideas for different industries to help the inspo marinate for your own profession:

  • How to survive nurse life from student to Sister
  • Financial planning tips for single parents
  • My path to becoming a <insert profession here>
  • ​Vocational professions
  • Eco-careers: professions that focus on sustainability
  • HR tips for hiring/interviewing/firing/scaling etc.

Hobbies & Interests

From Singing to scrapbooking to cycling – there’s no shortage of searches related to all aspects of hobbies.


  • Knitting patterns
  • Best cycling trails <your city/town here>
  • Lino cut printing
  • Printable crosswords



Dog lovers unite! This is your chance to flex your incredible expertise and write for days about your fave furry (and maybe not-so-furry friends).

Domestic or wild, people love learning new information and finding resources online about animalia.


  • Dog product reviews
  • Guide to owning indoor cats
  • Unusual pets

beauty & makeup

From Singing to scrapbooking to cycling – there’s no shortage of searches related to all aspects of hobbies.


  • Beauty product reviews for <insert age group>
  • Best high-end dupes
  • Trending makeup looks


Blogging offers a wealth of opportunities for mums to share their experiences and expertise – even generate income.

From producing engaging content and exploring popular topics to monetising your blog, the possibilities with blogging are vast and exciting!

The key to blogging success

Establishing and maintaining a successful blog comes down to understaning your audience and what content they are interested in as well as authenticity and consistency.

You’re better off committing to one quality article per month, over a handful of poorly written blogs erratically. Create a blogging plan that feels sustainable to you.

As you embark on or continue your blogging journey, use these ideas as a foundation to create valuable and relatable content that resonates with your target market.

And remember,  your unique perspective and experiences are your greatest assets—embrace them and let your blog shine. Happy blogging!


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