If you’re a small business owner – you probably already realise the value of blogging for your business but maybe you’re just looking for some blogging ideas to get the creative juices flowing.  Blogging and then repurposing this writing is a far more efficient way to produce content and helps streamline your business content strategy – super important for saving time (and energy) in our already very busy lives!  The juggle of motherhood and business is a LOT and I can tell you that blogging regularly makes content creation easy.

To read more about repurposing your content and why this is such an effective way to market in your small biz – head over to this blog by Tahryn at The Social Bolt.  She’s an expert on everything content creation and is a repurposing wizard (she even runs a course to learn how to repurpose your own content.)

Blogging alone can also be a business and can generate income if done consistently and well.  There are experts out there about how to create a blog for the purpose of revenue building – Adam Enfroy is one such expert and I would recommend checking out his free resources and paid courses for more information on this.



Well, the beauty of blogging is that it can be whatever you want it to be about!  My first tip is to try not to compare yourself and your blog content to anyone else’s – do what feels right for your business or brand.

Here are some topic ideas to inspire you to get the creative juices flowing.  Even though this is targeted at mums in business, anyone can draw inspiration from these suggestions.  Like I said, make sure you do what works for you!


1. Tell A Story

Share your personal stories. Perhaps it’s something that lead you to start your own business in the first place, something that held you back or just something interesting about you.  Before you argue that there’s ‘nothing interesting’ about me… INCORRECT!  You have so many wonderful and interesting stories to share.  I recommend a bit of ‘story mining’ to help uncover them.

One such starting place is to ask your followers what they’d like to hear about. You don’t need to have a huge following to find out what people might like to know more about.  An example is you could pose the question: “I could tell you a story about A/B/C” and see what they choose.  Start from there.

2. Share Your Business Journey

  • Why/how did you come up with the name for your business?
  • What lead you to choose your niche/product?
  • Share your humble beginnings.  Especially if you are now a more established business.
    • For example: share your first logo, your first product prototypes, throwback to your original office space or first customers.
  • Behind the scenes. People love seeing a sneaky behind the scenes of a business.  This could be your production journey, client meetings (with permission – a la Gary Vee) or what is involved in your typical day.
  • Non-business – share the above for your ‘day job’.  Share bits and pieces of mum life.  I once did a ‘day in the life of me’ which was me filming snippets of a regular, boring day at home and included pretty mundane jobs like laundry, cooking and errands – I had SO much interaction from such a seemingly innocuous day.

3. Educate Your Target Audience.

  • Product based: Give sneak-peeks or product shoot behind-the-scenes images.
  • Service Based:  Provide value to your reader with educational content, information or freebies they can use in their own businesses.
  • Non-business: Share your favourite recipes, exercise routine, life hacks or your capsule wardrobe tips that you love.







4. Create A Visual Blog

If you’re still feeling like you have nothing inspiring to write about then here are some suggestions for repurposing content in the form of a blog.

  • Share pretty pictures (crediting the source if they don’t belong to you!) like They All Hate Us used to do. Choose photos or images that inspire and motivate you or your target market.
  • A blog full of inspiring words/typographic quotes – you can create these yourself for FREE on something like Canva – similar to what I’ve done on this blog (which gets so many saves and click-throughs on Pinterest).
  • Shoutout or profile your fave other local businesses. This is beneficial for many reasons – it’s great for networking and brand awareness and just helping other businesses out in general! Like where you head for your:
    • Coffee fix
    • Hairdresser
    • Cafes
    • Kids activities
  • A ‘this goes with that’ blog –  especially good for product based businesses. This is where you match your own products with other complimentary products (also great for sharing other local businesses).   You could even take it one step further and create a collaboration with another brand, style some photos – pull together a beautiful visual blog and host a giveaway to get maximum traction!
  • Non-business – share photo diaries of your day.  You don’t need to be a professional photographer to pull this together – especially with Photoshop presets, filters and the like.  You can make any photo look of a professional and ‘bloggable’ standard.