Content creation coaching & strategy sessions for mums in business

Marketing strategy that doesn’t depend on social media.

Do you feel like you’re on the social media hamster wheel?  

The one where you post on the fly because you have no time to sit down and plan your posts, so they don’t perform well… And you’re exhausted because every time you open Instagram, you get caught scrolling through everyone else’s posts and then you second guess yourself and your whole life and business?

Maybe you’re feeling totally overwhelmed and unsure where to even start when it comes to your overall content strategy… or thinking WTF even is CONTENT?

If you’re ready to take charge of your small business marketing and craft a simple, actionable and most of all – sustainable strategy that will *actually* lead to more customers and sales – then click the button below to book your 1:1 session.

Do these content creation blocks sound familiar?


You want to blog for business but don't know where to begin (or whether it's even worth it)

I’ll help you create a simple blogging game plan that’s not only sustainable but means your blog content will see you showing up in your ideal customers search results.


You can't seem to get started with your email list.

Finally get the help you crave to create a juicy lead magnet and put together email automations to save you time and make you money!


You're only posting on social media.

Time to get a little more strategic and put the phone down.  Together we can craft a roadmap to make content repurposing a breeze and see you opt-out of doom-scrolling on socials.


You struggle with consistency when it comes to posting content.

I hear you! Running a business alongside being a mum is a massive juggle.  Consistency? Ain’t nobody go time for that! Let’s cut the fluff when it comes to your content strategy and have you focusing on the stuff that will be the most impactful and bring you the most sales.


Your content doesn't make your business any money.

Time to turn your glorified hobby into a fully-fledged business with a lil bit of strategy and a lot of imperfect action.

Content creation doesn’t have to be complicated…

You know that good marketing content (think: website articles and regular emails) will help you make more sales and see your business thrive but it feels like just another thing to add to the to-do list and you’re unsure where to start, so you don’t…

What if I told you that there’s a way to offload your overwhelm and make content creation feel super easy?

Introducing Content Foundations: 

A 1:1 content strategy intensive designed to help you ditch the overwhelm and get crystal clear on the steps to creating ultra-shareable content that serves your customers and makes effortless sales.

Designed for busy mamas building small businesses, these 1:1 sessions are perfect for figuring out a simple and easy-to-implement posting strategy that will see you making sales (minus the overwhelm) in no time.

In your 90-minute content coaching session, we’ll cover:


Your content roadmap.

Your simple but impactful content strategy that feels easy to implement.


No fluff, simple steps.

Proven ways to create content that actually makes you money.


Mindset mastery.

Learn how to master imperfect action towards your goals.


Apps + resources to make life easier.

My fave tools to uncomplicate your content schedule and have you posting confidently.


90-minute content coaching session includes:


Your content basics questionnaire

A deep dive into your you and your business so we can get straight down to the best bits during your session.


A 90 minute online intensive call

This is where the magic really happens and we develop your content roadmap so you can get clear on what you’ll be creating with ease for the most impact.


Copy of your action plan

Notes from our session delivered to your inbox within 24 hours so you can kiss overwhelm goodbye with simple, actionable steps.


2 weeks of voxer or email support

For all those questions that pop up after our session.


$247 (inclusive of GST) per session.