Email opt-in ideas for every business niche.

There’s a good chance if you’re reading this that you know about the power of email marketing and why you need to be using it for your small business. Whenever mums ask me where to focus their marketing efforts, I always recommend email marketing as a priority.  Not only do you not have to compete with algorithms – email is such a wonderful marketing medium and perfect for busy mums because by using a nurture (aka welcome) sequence you can make your email work for you while you sleep!

Ready to invest a little time in the gift that keeps on giving with your email list?  Then you’re going to love these 11 email opt-in ideas designed to inspire you to create a lead magnet that will be hard for your ideal customers to refuse!


An opt-in is also known as a lead magnet – and it’s the irresistible offer that you put forward for your audience to snap up (usually for free) in exchange for their email address.  There’s a very good chance you have opted in to another businesses email marketing based on their opt-in offer in the past.


Opt-in’s aren’t the only way to secure email subscribers.  Another way to passively collect email addresses, is to remarket to previous customers.  However; you must have a clause somewhere in your terms and conditions of sale that informs your customer that they will be sent your email marketing, otherwise you could be illegally spamming your clients which is a big no-no.

1. Checklist

A checklist is a quick and easy piece of content to put together for your customers. 


  • 5 steps to starting a small business.
  • 10 must-haves for an Instagram bio that converts.
  • 4 hacks to make meal planning easy.

The key is to keep it simple and stick to your area of expertise or a topic that aligns with the service you provide.   Adding adjectives that evoke emotion and speak to the heart of your target market, is key.  Have a play around with wording and use my favourite tool if you need some inspo.

2. Challenge/series over X amount of days

This is a way for you to guide your customers through a process that will help them with their paint points.


  • 7 day meditation practice.
  • 5 day Instagram reel challenge.
  • 3 day mindset reframe.

3. eBook

An eBook doesn’t have to be a novel in length. 10 pages is plenty and ensure you format your ebook so that it’s printer-friendly.   I use an ebook as an opt in with great success – SEO Rookie – your step-by-step beginners guide to getting to the first page of Google (see below for your free copy).


  • How to start your own home beauty business.
  • Beginners guide to blogging.
  • Social media captions playbook.

4. Audio file

If you have content that suits an audio medium then consider offering a free audio file.


  • Meditation track.
  • Exclusive podcast content.

5. Video training

Video is great for step-by-step instructions, screen sharing or tutorials.  It also helps your audience to get a feel for your vibe – nothing like that face-to-face connection.


  • How to create Canva templates for your business
  • Illustration tutorials
  • Cooking demos and recipes

6. Live webinar or masterclass

Not dissimilar to video training except you’ll be capturing your content live.  This could be online using webinar/streaming software, or through other methods like going live in Facebook groups.  You can host these as a one-off event or put it together as a series or challenge as described above.


  • 3 simple sales tweaks to convert customers.
  • Pinterest masterclass.
  • How to set up a handmade jewellery business.

7. Online course taster / mini online course

If you’re launching an online course or program, offering a snippet of what your course looks like is a great lead-in to entice your potential clients.

This could look like:

  • Opening the first module for free.
  • Opening part of each module for free.
  • A short-course that leads into your larger, paid offering.

8. Giveaway/prize

Raise your hand if you’ve ever entered a giveaway or competition online?  If you’re putting together a giveaway, consider collecting email addresses instead of accumulating followers on social media.  There’s a good chance if people see your giveaway, they are already following you on socials anyway, so it makes sense to ask them for their email instead.


  • Prize money using PayPal.
  • Free product.
  • Collaborative giveaway featuring other businesses (make sure your T&Cs outline that all businesses will be using their email for marketing purposes)

9. Discount

This is another super popular opt-in for product based businesses.  I’m sure we’ve all seen the pop-up that offers 10/20/30% off your first order in exchange for your email address.  This can work for service based businesses too, but is perfect if you have a product based biz


  • 10% off your first order.
  • Free shipping on your first order.
  • Free product with order.

10. Free downloadable product

If you offer any kind of printable or downloadable product, this is a fantastic resource for your customers to receive in exchange for them subscribing.


  • Print/illustration.
  • Social media audit workbook.
  • Weekly meal planner.

11. Subscriber-only content

If you have an engaged following or readership, why not encourage people to sign up in order to get your exclusive content.


  • Be included in ‘Close friends’ status on Instagram stories.
  • Popular blog content.

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