In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of calm and relaxation can feel challenging. Our lives are full of responsibilities –  working, raising kids, maintaining relationships and households. And with digital technology like social media, we also struggle to prioritise the present moment or take time out for mindfulness practices.

That’s where mindfulness activities come in—a powerful practice that helps us stay present and focused, reducing stress and promoting overall well-being. 

Humans are designed to be ‘switched on’ 24/7. We thrive with rest and space for our brains to unwind and wander without urgency.

Incorporating mindful practice into our daily lives can significantly improve our mental clarity and emotional balance.

Colouring Books Aren’t Only For Kids

There are oodles of ways to practice moments of mindfulness in your day and it’s easy to overlook colouring as a mindful activity, especially for adults.

We often associate colouring in as an activity for kids. We’re used to seeing cartoon characters and nursery rhymes in a ‘bumper colouring book’ in the racks of the local newsagency.

Colouring pages are a proven way to enhance social emotional learning and fine motor skills. And just as colouring has benefits students from 1st grade through to higher education (and beyond) it’s actually a simple and effective mindfulness tool for all ages!

Simple and Effective Mindfulness

The process of colouring something in is a great way to give our brains a break – minus the structure of meditation or other stereotypical mindfulness activities like meditation or exercise.

Mindful colouring is a fun, easy way to connect with our inner child, practice relaxation and focus while carving out some much-needed time for a brain break in your day.

Through methodically completing a colouring page and immersing yourself in the process of colouring detailed designs, you’ll find yourself calming your mind, reducing anxiety, and experiencing a sense of tranquility.


Free Printable Colouring Pages For Adults 

This blog is a compilaton of some of my fave unique mindfulness colouring pages especially for adults.

I’ve had a little fun with some tongue-in-cheek sayings and also more typical, intricate designs for ‘grown-ups’.

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or seeking a mindful activity to enhance your self-care routine, these colouring pages are the perfect tool. 

How mindful colouring boosts mood and wellbeing

Mindfulness practices are those that help us tune into the present moment, letting go of running thoughts and the stress that comes with our neverending to-do lists.

1. It’s meditation without the meditation

Focusing on the act of methodically colouring intricate designs and patterns we can tap into the present moment (and without a guided meditation in sight!)

2. Makes it easier to slow down and detach from stress

This simple yet powerful activity encourages you to direct your attention to the colours, shapes, and movements of your hand, fostering a state of mindful awareness. As you fill in each section with colour, your mind naturally quiets, allowing stress and anxiety to dissipate.

3. Nervous system regulation

The rhythmic, repetitive motion of colouring activates the L/R coordination of our brain, which is helpful in processing emotions or experiences. This can be incredibly soothing, providing a sense of calm and helping to reduce nervous system activation. 



consistency is key with mindful practices

In our fast-paced world, sometimes the hardest part about actioning a growth mindset is making the commitment to consistent practice.

One of the biggest mindfulness lessons is that the hardest part is often getting started and prioritising the space in your schedule.

A commitment to consistency with mindful practice helps reinforce positive habits and makes them part of our everyday life.

This allows the benefits to accumulate over time and become more pronounced.


How to incorporate colouring into your daily mindfulness routine

Just as others might start their day with meditation – you can start your day with a few minutes of colouring to feel centred and help set the tone for the day.  Conversely, use it as evening activity to unwind and de-stress before bed like some might do with journalling.

Coloring sheets and pages are also practical across different situations or environments. A spot of coloring is the perfect accompaniment with your morning cuppa to provide a refreshing mental break and helping to reduce stress when you return to your tasks.

You could even proudly share your finished masterpieces on socials or with your friends as a way of foster inspiration and connection, encouraging others to explore the benefits of this calming activity.


You don’t need to be creative genius to benefit from colouring

There’s lots of information available about the benefits of different left brain/right brain activation. Sometimes people who identify as more ‘left brain’ believe they simply don’t possess the skills to enjoy more typical ‘right brain; activities like painting or other artistic elements.

Colouring in is also a way for those who don’t identify as typically ‘creative’ to experiment with visual arts and enjoy the creative process that is watching a project come together.

There’s no critical thinking involved and you don’t need a fine arts degree to successfully complete a beautiful piece of work.

Free printable coloring pages

I’ve had a lot of fun creating these coloring pages – an activity that’s been mindful in itself! I’ve included grown-up specific designs as well as appealing patterns and scenes.

You can easily access and download each coloring page directly from this website. Simply click on the links provided to download or print them out. Alternatively – scroll to the bottom of this page for your free download  – the entire 10-page collection as a coloring book for.

Happy colouring! Make sure you tag me on social media with your completed work   and start your mindful coloring journey today.

*Please note all coloring pages are free for personal use only and not to be reproduced for commercial benefit.

Funny Adult Mindfulness Colouring Pages

A collection of funny affirmations and colouring pictures to entertain, inspire and practice a little mindfulness.


What The Actual – free Printable adult Colouring Page

Life giving you lemons? Or maybe it’s just giving WTAF.

This is the perfect colouring page for you!


ZEN AF – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

Get colouring and channel your inner zen.


Be Kind To Your Mind – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

Take a brain break and enjoy this colouring page designed for little and big kids alike!


Barely Coping – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

Because not everything has to be a positive affirmation, amiright?


In My Growth Phase – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

You grow through what you go through.


Okay AF – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

For when you’re not good, not bad, just Okay AF. 

Free Adult Colouring Pages – Patterns and Mandalas


it’s a jungle – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

Siri, play Jungle By Emma Louise (the perfect song to listen to while you colour this one)

Peonies - free adult- colouring-page-printable

Peonies – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

Feminine, bold and beautiful. Enjoy this simple but stunning design.


Mandala – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

It’s said the Mandala represents the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity – perfect for a mindful colouring page.


round Mandala – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

A pretty circle Mandala colouring page to get your creative juices flowing.


In The Garden – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

Flowers, greenery and butterflies – all is well in the garden of life. 


In a Pickle – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

When you’re in a pickle – destress with pickles and pencils.


Starry Sky – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

“Starry, starry night, Paint your palette blue and gray…” this song by Don Mclean makes a mindful sound track for your colouring activities. 


magic flowers – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

An intricate design featuring stars, circles and lines perfect for a couple of hours curled up on the couch.


The Life Of Flowers – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

Stop to smell the flowers – quite literally, while you colour this page.


Peacock patterns – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

Hand drawn and detailed elements make up this circle pattern colouring page to keep your hands busy and mind calm.


mind flowers – Free Printable Adult Colouring Page

Grow goodness in your mind by taking some time out for mindful colouring practice with this quirky adult colouring design.


Free Printable Mindfulness Colouring Book For Adults

16 Unique designs in one handy ready-to-print book. Download or print today.