It’s no secret that long distance relationships come with unique challenges. Physical distance can create a sense of isolation, loneliness and have a negative impact on emotional connection for long-distance lovers.

In a society where everyone is so busy these days (and only getting busier!), something that we know to be true about any relationship – long distance or not, is that they require attention, effort and commitment to make them work.


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Bridging distance using technology in a long-distance relationship

Where modern technology and things like social media can interfere with relationships by fostering distractions and reducing face-to-face interactions, as a long-distance couple, it can actually bring you closer together.

Digital technology brings a swag of clever gadgets to help maintain strong attachment and emotional intimacy, even when you’re staying in different cities. These can be especially handy for long-distance couples who might not be living in the same time zone where simple communication like making a phone call can be tricky.

As someone in a FIFO relationship, we’re always open to discovering the different ways to stay connected even when far away.

These gadgets are a great way to increase feelings of support and comfort but also inject a bit of fun into the lives of long distance couples.

Love Lamps

These are a subtle but impactful way of reminding your loved ones you’re thinking of them at any time of the day (or night!)

The lamps use an app that both parties download and register to create a private group. Then using wifi, you can let your partner know you’re thinking of them by changing the colour of their lamp – from anywhere in the world!

I like the way these aren’t as disruptive as the bings and beeps of texts or phone calls which is handy across different time zones. And for something relatively simple, they leave a lasting impression.


Touch Bracelets

These have a similar principle to friendship/love lamps. You can buzz your partner when you’re thinking of them or change the colour of the light on these touch bracelets. Sometimes something like simple touch can have a lasting impact on feelings of reassurance and mood.

They come in such a huge range of colours and modern design too, so there’s something for every style.


Streaming Services

Shows and Movies

The beauty of streaming services when it comes to long distance – is that you can both watch the same tv shows or movies and then debrief about them afterwards.

When couples are apart for work, like in FIFO, sometimes there isn’t much to talk about at the day’s end. Sharing in something as simple as watching a movie or show means you can chat about what you loved/hated and find points of connection.

Tip: Take it in turns each time to choose what you watch and embrace the opportunity to explore different content outside of your comfort zone.


Music helps evoke emotion by resonating with our feelings, memories, and experiences, creating a powerful and immediate connection between our inner and outer worlds.

Create your own custom playlist that you can both edit and listen to when you feel the need for a hit of connection across the miles.

You could even create different playlists for different vibes. Maybe a romantic compilation when you want to feel loved up, or a fun workout playlist for the gym.

Hangout Apps

Kast App or Discord are apps made for people to hangout online, even when they aren’t in the same place.

You can watch movies, stream music and games remotely. It’s a fun way to talk in real time, while enjoying an activity together.

Heartbeat Rings

The primal presence of a heartbeat is comforting and reassuring, providing a tangible sense of life, fostering a deep emotional connection and a feeling of safety – linked subconsciously to the environment of our mother’s womb.

Experience the comfort and connection of this concept with a heartbeat ring. These rings are crafted to share the real-life heartbeat of your partner or transmit a saved capture instead.

All you need is the mobile application to sync rings and then you’re free to tap into the rhythmic solace of your partner’s heartbeat when needed.


Video Chat

I always feel so fortunate in this day and age to have access to video calls and FaceTime. I often think back to my Grandparents time when they could only rely on pen and paper to communicate, even during things like war. We have come such a long way.

Video chats are best done when you both have the space and environment for them (i.e. not in the middle of witching hour). Schedule a day or time that suits you both so you can be more present and enjoy some time talking face to face.

Digital Photo Frames

Have you ever had the day from hell only to have it all forgotten when you’ve looked through a photo album of your kids or loved ones? That speaks to the immense power a photo holds.

Looking through treasured snapshots boosts feelings of love and rekindles cherished memories – reminding us of the special moments and connections we’ve shared with our partner.

A digital photo frame is a modern way to share photos without the need to visit an old-school print shop.  It’s also an easy way to share photos without needing to add to the mental load and remember to send text messages with recent pics.

Conveniently upload photos through the associated smartphone apps to keep your partner up to date with all the latest happy snaps and videos.


Online Games

When it comes to online games couples can play together – the world is your oyster! Playing ongoing games helps to foster a sense of community and shared experience that can be lacking in long-distance love.

There are SO many online games that you can play either in real-time or at intervals if you’re across time zones but the genres that tend to work well are any that are cooperative/team based. But if you have more of a competitive streak (and it won’t be destructive to your relationship) you might want to check out those more in the competitive realm.

For more traditional online board games games you could try the classics like Words With Friends or chess. Or there’s trivia, question/answer games for couples and a whole lot more… Like I said, the world is your oyster!

A quick search online will reveal different ideas for both digital board games and video games. Or you can try somewhere like Board games Arena.


Not sure this is a gadget but it gets a mention because I love tuning into my regular podcasts when my husband is away.

It helps me feel connected to my wider community, discover new things and allows my imagination to wander. I think of podcasts like modern wireless shows.  Much like movies and tv shows, they give you and your partner things to discuss and topics of conversation each time you chat.

Plus, thanks to the amazing amount of free podcast streaming services – a low cost option – which we all love, amiright?


Create your own long-distance book club through audiobooks. Audiobooks offer some advantages over physical books in that you can multitask while you listen. I love listening to audiobooks on long commutes or while cooking dinner. They’re great if you’re not inclined or have difficulty reading a novel or prefer to listen on the go.

Books are real conversation starters. It’s always fascinating to me the different perspectives and opinions that individuals bring to reading a book. The audiobook element creates a unique experience because the voice of the narrator can also impact the way we interpret or experience a book.

A nice romance novel can also evoke those feel-good warm and fuzzy feelings that help us to feel more connected to our loved ones, too.

Lovebox Messenger

This is a unique gift idea to spark cross continent connection – a literal little electronic box of love for your partner that shares your fave photos, messages, stickers, and fun drawings through the Lovebox app. They are like a cute way to send digital love letters.

It’s more compact than a digital photo frame and the design is super cute and crafted from timber. They would also make perfect gifts for kids who are missing mum or dad when they are away.


Digital Calendars

Even though you may not be in the same city, knowing the different things your long-distance partner is doing is an excellent way to maintain connection. Not only does it help with organisation, it helps with the transition back to living in the same location (like in the case of FIFO families).

You can colour code events, add reminders with a sweet message for an additional touching way to remind significant others that you’re thinking of them.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Now we’re getting into the really new age stuff! The world of VR means you and your LD love can explore immersive environments together, play interactive games, and other shared experiences and feel almost as if you’re physically side-by-side. It helps bridge the gap, making the distance feel shorter and the connection stronger.

Virtual reality headsets are a clever and versatile product that can be used for everything from video games, watching live music or simply chatting to each other. Imagine being able to go on an adventure to another planet, play golf or enjoy a rollercoaster ride – all without leaving your lounge room!


Vibrators & Adult Toys

These are one of those long-distance relationship products that are a must-have IMO. And to level up the spiciness, there are plenty of options for a bit of transcontinental couples fun!

One of the loneliest parts of long-distance relationships can be the physical isolation of being apart. And although nothing compares to skin-to-skin connection, remote control vibrators are a fun way to bring sensual connection into the bedroom for ldr couples. Not only reserved for women too – bluetooth sex toys are available for all genders so everyone can find the perfect addition for spicing up their sex life!

A personal fave is local brand Normal who are trailblazing in the sustainability space and have products to suit all orientations and genders.


Long-distance relationship gifts to spoil your special person from afar

Hands-up if giving or receiving gifts is your love language 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️. Gifts are tangible reminders of love and thoughtfulness. A lil pressie is a meaningful gesture that strengthens emotional bonds.

So, if you’re already living the LDR life – here are some more cute gift ideas (some non-techy) to spoil your romantic partner, whether they’re home or away.

LDR Gift ideas

Personalised Jewellery

Like the initial necklaces from Kirstin Ash – a range of styles and you can customise with initials from all your big and little loves. Plus you can choose from 18k gold or silver.


Photo Book

Create a sweet, custom photo book for your honey to flick through and remind them of all the wonderful memories you have together.

You can create these online from places like Officeworks and SnapFish.

Care Package

Not always possible, especially for FIFO workers but putting together a personalised care package is a simple and thoughtful gift idea when you’re apart from your loved one. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note!

Flower Posy
Home Delivered Treats

From brownies, to lolly hampers or even a delicious home cooked meal- there are so many options for yummy treats to deliver to your loved ones door from afar.

Here’s a simple idea – hop onto Uber Eats and send your partners favourite local take away to their door as a thoughtful surprise.

A Handwritten Letter

How exciting is it to receive a handwritten letter in the mail? Surprise and delight your partner with a romantic letter. If you’re stuck for words you could use a beautiful quote or poem to express your affections instead.

Adult toys

Sometimes people are reluctant to purchase their own adult toys – so give them a gift that’s sure to please them all year round!

Plus – there’s the added bonus that you’ll likely be on their mind when using it. Win/win!

For a sustainable option – check out Aussie brand Normal.

Have you found the ultimate gift for your long-distance partner? Let me know in the comments! 

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